HaBé Building in Style

HaBé Building in Style

HaBé Bouwen in Stijl
Krommeweg 1
6741 NK Lunteren

HaBé is a contemporary construction company with extensive knowledge and experience. We provide high quality for a realistic price. We like to think along with you as a client, with the goal of optimal living enjoyment. A permanent team of skilled specialists in which people are well attuned to each other will work at your location to complete your job to your satisfaction. Every project is unique and every approach is different! But always you are assured of high quality and workmanship. We would love to help you realize your dream!

HaBé for Building in Style!
HaBé was founded in 1998 by brothers Hans and Bertus van Ginkel. They come from a true entrepreneurial family! After both had worked in salaried employment for quite some time, they felt it was time to start for themselves. Initially, they did everything themselves. Over time, the work became more and more and staff was hired. HaBé now works with a permanent team of 10-15 people and this is supplemented as needed by independent specialists.

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HaBé Building in Style
Cubist villa at Veenendaal
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