HIVE outdoor kitchens

HIVE outdoor kitchens

HIVE outdoor kitchens
Showlocatie at Nidum house of inspiration
Sint Elisabethstraat 35
5361 HJ Grave

A new generation of outdoor kitchens
Off the beaten path is where the most beautiful flowers grow. Where the masses opt for safe, square and familiar, we at HIVE push the boundaries. New forms, new materials at the limit of what is technically possible. We never lose sight of Dutch thoroughness. That’s how we create eye-catching designer outdoor kitchens that are one of a kind and can stand up to rough handling.

HIVE is English for “hive” or “beehive.” A place buzzing with fun and where team spirit and being with good friends is key. Just the place your outdoor kitchen can be, too.

Modular Design
We understand better than anyone that every outdoor space and garden is different. Each HIVE outdoor kitchen is therefore made up of different modules which are perfectly matched and seamlessly fit together. To tap or not to tap? Drawers or no drawers? Black, white, marble or concrete-look top? 8-meter kitchen or 3? We may like to color outside the lines but we have a suitable solution for every outdoor space and every barbecue.

Dutch Design & Dutch made
Each HIVE outdoor kitchen is unique and is designed and assembled in the Netherlands. Based on a personal conversation, your outdoor kitchen requirements are identified and we create a drawing. This drawing forms the basis of your HIVE outdoor kitchen. Upon agreement, all materials are ordered and made to order. The assembly and finishing is done in our factory in Helmond and we are proud of that, a thoroughly Dutch product.

No more boring outdoor moments!
With a HIVE outdoor kitchen, you turn every outdoor dining moment into a true experience. Experience the convenience and elegance of outdoor cooking. Place your own Green Egg or the matching HNYGRLL in the accompanying HIVE module and present your guests with the most beautiful dishes and an unforgettable evening. That’s what it’s all about in the end, creating special outdoor moments together.

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