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ILVE Netherlands

ILVE Nederland
Fennaweg 9
2991 ZA Barendrecht

Ilve stoves are inspired by the kitchens in which great chefs make their creations, but their aesthetics and efficiency are tailored to the home chef.

Ilve uses the same noble and durable materials used in professional kitchens: stainless steel (Aisi 304), cast iron, brass and copper. Ilve equipment is made individually, based on your requirements customer specifications, and assembled by hand. With over 50 years of expertise, passion and craftsmanship.

Our range stoves
A stove for any style, to be combined with built-in appliances in the same finish. If cooking (in style) is your passion then we welcome you to the ILVE family. Our range stoves have been (hand)made for over 50 years for the home chef with a passion for cooking. ILVE’s perfect Italian design provides the finishing touch. With one finger, the ovens can be operated and controlled completely electronically. Soft closing doors, extra large ovens, oven temperatures up to 320 degrees. Available in widths from 60 to 150 cm, gas or induction, 1 or 2 ovens and, in addition to the 8 basic colors, available in any RAL color (this makes our brand unique).

If cooking is your passion then ILVE stoves offer everything you want. Make your kitchen unique with a stove from ILVE and get the Italian “famiglia” feeling.

ILVE – Live, Cook, Love.

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