Indivipro Window Decoration

Indivipro Window Decoration

Indivipro Window Decoration
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Indivipro Window Decoration is an international wholesaler, importer of Nature Deco and Lutron and has its own workshop. We have had several designers, including Marcel Wolterinck and François Hannes, design some of our exclusive fabrics. For the vast majority of the curtain collection, we collaborate with a renowned Italian weaving company that serves almost exclusively the high-end segment – brands such as Missoni and Armani are right at home there.

In the field of window decoration, we can completely relieve architects and designers. With our own workshop and team of specialized people, we can realize any project at home or abroad for you. Customization is our great strength, experience in this we have gained over the past 10 years for partners such as Piet Boon and Eric Kuster, among others.

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Indivipro Window Decoration
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