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Interior MX

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InteriorMX is an inspired group of interior design specialists with a mission
InteriorMX represents the momentum of collaboration in the world of luxury and interior design. Dutch craftsmanship and design, international high-end solutions and innovation plus years of collaboration. These are our connecting factors that we take pride in as interior design specialists. Where you can clearly feel and experience that here 1 + 1 is much more than 2.

All InteriorMX specialists basically have their own area of expertise, but they also know the products and methods of the partners. As a result, the lines of communication within the collaboration are short and they can effortlessly anticipate each other’s work, complement each other where necessary and efficiently implement changes or adjustments to the interior plan.

When you dare to dream …
If you want to achieve something, you need more than a desire and a perfect design. You are also looking for a reliable collaboration between architect and interior specialists. A team of interior design experts who will show you the possibilities and opportunities. Who know what you are talking about, who can translate what you mean, have the perfect knowledge of the latest developments, trends and techniques in the field of interior design and living. InteriorMX has that unique combination in it, lifting projects on every level to an even higher level. And that literally opens doors to the perfect realization of a design.

Our areas of expertise
Our areas of expertise include wall and floor finishes, lighting, doors, home automation, fireplaces, kitchens, wellness.
We have years of experience with total concepts commissioned by architects and designers for both luxury villas, dream houses, chic apartments, converted farmhouses and stately mansions to offices, studios and, of course, hospitality. Continuing the style of the interior to garden and patio is, of course, part of this.

The power of InteriorMX
As a team of high end solutions and far-reaching innovation within interior design, we have jointly delivered many prominent projects. Each of us is driven by craftsmanship and produces custom work to finesse. We see the various interior items and disciplines not in isolation but as working together. Which does not alter the fact that with us, of course, you can draw on our experience by expertise.

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