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Jaap Sterk

Jaap Sterk
Jaap Sterk De Bouwkamp 10 6576 JX Ooij

Jaap Sterk is an architect, not a stylist. He sees the whole thing. His signature: a harmony of tranquility and simplicity. Minimalism is his fortress, but the clean line is nowhere dominant. After all: minimalism flourishes thanks to subtle contrasts.

Creativity always has a source. For Jaap Sterk, this is the English landscape garden, with its sightlines and natural embedding in the environment. A design by Jaap Sterk never stands alone - just as your garden does not stand alone.

Namesake Jaap Sterk is the creative mind behind Jaap Sterk Exteriors, a landscaping company with vision. For more than twenty years, Jaap Sterk and his people have been designing, creating and maintaining stylish gardens without frills.

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Jaap Sterk

Stately Villa Garden in Nijmegen city center

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