Jolanda Vogels Interior Design & Realization

Jolanda Vogels Interior Design & Realization

Jolanda Vogels Interieurontwerp & Realisatie
Ekerschotweg 1
5688 LB Oirschot

Jolanda Vogels Interior Design designs high-quality interiors from A-Z, completely unburdening clients during the process.

Through her broad knowledge of materials and her experience in performing various process steps, she designs sophisticated interiors in no time that are completely right to perfection.

She guides clients through every phase of the project, from foundation to final details.

  • From mood board to home or business (re)design
  • From designing living and bathrooms, kitchens to designing
    furniture and custom furniture.
  • From advice in materials and lighting to advice in color and styling.
  • From purchase guidance to realization

The result is a living or working environment that fits and feels right. A pleasant place with
a natural balance of materials, colors and a perfect layout.

Jolanda’s perfectionism, drive and ability to listen well to clients
ensure that she flawlessly converts wishes and needs into a dream interior where the customer can feel at home. To achieve this, it works with a team of partners. As project manager, Jolanda is the point of contact and regional leader throughout the process.

Owner Jolanda Vogels Interior Design turns her passion, into her dream job. As an interior designer, she carries out total projects in the private and corporate markets. She does so with knowledge and skill but above all with great pleasure. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Catholic High School in Mechelen (B), Jolanda is a driven and enthusiastic interior designer who has had her own design studio since 2011.

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Jolanda Vogels Interior Design & Realization
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