Kuiper Steur Architects BNA

Kuiper Steur Architects BNA

Kuiper Steur Architecten BNA
Dorpsstraat 829
1566 EH Assendelft

The firm is active in the preparation and planning, design and supervision of construction projects. When designing, the firm envisions an integrated approach to the design process, incorporating all aspects of the design and construction process from the initial design idea. An analytical approach is used to develop an optimal synthesis of “space,” function, construction, structural engineering and building economics.

The concept arises from a clear vision of the (spatial) context. The place and its history are an inspiration. Sustainability, reuse and flexibility are key principles. Designing is done in an open process with the client. Realizing a building requires a large investment. The responsibility you have as an architect to the client, but also to the future, is that a building should be valued for a long time.

Kuiper and Steur have designed and realized many projects. Projects such as: offices and commercial buildings, repurposing projects, sports facilities, hotels, residential construction and detached residences, conversions and extensions of residences, restoration and renovation projects, building studies, interiors of residences and stores (stores especially at airports at home and abroad), office innovations and data centers throughout Europe.

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Kuiper Steur Architects BNA
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