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La Garnerie Luxury Living

La Garnerie Luxury Living

La Garnerie Luxury Living
Sint-Jansvliet 6
B-2000 Antwerpen

“When customers walk around our store they very regularly remark that they would like to settle here immediately,” Elke Verstraete of La Garnerie – luxury living opens the conversation. “A nice compliment for our interior design business, we think, because it is exactly what we strive for; to create a place where people feel good, where there is a warm homely atmosphere and where they therefore really like to stay. People also often really take their time when they are in our place. They take a seat in one of the sitting areas and enjoy the atmosphere, but also the beautiful details they can observe in both the architecture of the building, as well as in the detailed craftsmanship of furniture such as from an exclusive brand like Giorgetti of which we are a proud dealer.”

La Garnerie – Luxury living
La Garnerie – Luxury Living is more than worthy of discovery. Located in the center of Antwerp, but just outside the city’s famous and busy shopping streets.

Since the thorough renovation – commissioned by architectural firm Themenos – the building exudes history, style and class. On the top two floors, the building has served as an office for Themenos architects & interior designers for many years. And since 2011, the building has also housed a physical interior design store. “For us, the store actually feels like a logical extension of the architectural firm. But because the original intention in the renovation was not to house an interior design store here, the large shop windows are missing, for example, and the front facade does not have the look of a standard interior design store. So people have to make a little effort to discover us,” Elke smiles.

Furniture, carpets, curtains, interior objects and customization
Once inside, one immediately notices the versatile and stylish offerings of this interior design store. You notice that everything that is in this showroom has been chosen with great care. Many of the furniture, rugs, objects and accessories are handcrafted from Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark. Products you don’t find in a lot of places. “We choose our brands for their beautiful design, but of equal importance are the materials, quality and craftsmanship with which the furniture or objects are made. We strive to ensure that after many years, customers are still very happy with the furniture and/or pieces they bought from us at the time. Although a little innovation over time can never hurt, of course, but that can sometimes be done with just changing a few small details. When we work out a proposal for a client, we dare to go quite far in the detailing and follow-up of a design. Whether it’s transforming one room, adding a single seat in the right fabric or tackling an overall concept. We take everything equally seriously and make it a point of honor to meet the client’s needs to the best of our ability.”

Custom furniture
Any custom work is drawn out in detail by the interior designers and the most appropriate types of materials are suggested in the process. The follow-up is done entirely by themselves. At La Garnerie – Luxury Living, they don’t like the most obvious solutions because they often lack character while character is what makes an interior interesting. It must remain somewhat exciting Elke thinks. “The search for the right form language, the use of high-quality – preferably – natural materials and the use of color and texture in, for example, the numerous beautiful and high-quality fabrics we can offer certainly contribute to this. We always strive for a restful and harmonious whole, which suits the atmosphere of the house and the character of the residents. That makes you arrive at a completely different result each time, which is fascinating…”

La Garnerie’s collection includes the following brands:

Giorgetti, Interni Edition, Freifrau, JNL, Vanhamme, Wildspirit, Heerenhuis, Lf-Selection, Vincent Sheppard ….

Oluce, Nahoor, NasonMoretti, Giopato& Coombes, Brand Van Egmond ….

Limited Edition, Giorgetti, Van Ghent, Ora Pro Nobis, Brüder ….

Dedar, Lizzo, Romo, Sahco, Mark Alexander, Black Edition, Designers Guild, Lf-Trading, Brüder, De le Cuona, Andrew Martin, Rubelli ….

Interior objects & decoration
NasonMoretti, Rina Menardi, Louise Roe, Onno Candles, Voluspa, Hinterveld, Potomak, Rough Rugs, Giobagnara ….

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