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Linda Zarifi

Linda Zarifi

Zarifi Design
103 Beacon St. no. 6&7
Boston, MA 02116

Zarifi Design is a full-service, boutique design firm specializing in high-end residential and hospitality projects.  Offering a comprehensive approach to design, the client is placed at the center of the experience. Through successful collaboration with global artisans, interiors reflect a timeless and sophisticated drama, positioning projects at the highest end of the luxury market. 

Founded by Linda Zarifi in 2011 with offices in Miami and Boston, Zarifi is sought after by an exclusive list of clientele for her unique eye and dedication to the process. Prior to founding Zarifi Design, Linda worked at the Rockwell Group in New York, and trained with Kelly Wearstler while studying Interior Design at The University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture.  

Linda currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and three sons.

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Linda Zarifi

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