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Comfortable living in a minimalist design interior? Complete your interior design plan with OWAplan®. Our acoustic ceiling system is second to none when it comes to room acoustics: even without furniture or upholstery, speech intelligibility is outstanding.

OWAplan® is a high-end product from OWA, a German manufacturer of acoustic ceiling systems. Since 1964, this family-owned company has been developing acoustic ceilings based on environmentally friendly materials. OWAplan® was originally developed to provide the world’s most luxurious offices and hotels with architecturally pleasing ceilings with high sound absorption. World-renowned architects and acoustic experts praise the combination of great design freedom and high-quality acoustic performance.

Your home deserves the best of the best, right?

The innovative, thoroughly tested OWAplan® has proven to be the ideal product for architects who strive for perfection. Virtually any idea is feasible, with beautifully clean, acoustically sound ceilings as the end result. Lighting, climate control, fire facilities, (in)visible speakers and curtain rails: OWAplan® can be combined with all conceivable ceiling elements, concealed in the ceiling down to the last millimeter. So as an architect you have complete design freedom, as a resident you experience ultimate living comfort in your dream home.

The most important properties of OWAplan®
– Acoustic spray painting on a high-tech ceiling system
– Highest absorption class with an absorption value of 0.9 aw
– Seamless ceiling: no expansion joints are required, even for very large ceiling areas
– Available in two textured varieties: Smooth (S) and Extra Smooth (XS)
– Applicable in various forms: even the renovation of listed buildings with complex ceiling shapes is no problem with OWAplan®.
– Meets strict requirements for fire safety, hygiene, moisture resistance and air quality
– Delivery in any color imaginable

100% recyclable
Ever since 1964, OWA has been very consciously investing in sustainability. All acoustic ceiling panels are made from a biodegradable blend obtained from natural resources and recycled materials. To meet the needs of clients as well as to provide additional environmental protection, OWA also offers the OWA Green Circle recycling system. In the process, old ceiling tiles are processed into raw material for high-quality new ceiling tiles. This way you are assured of environmentally friendly ceilings with a sustainability certificate and you are contributing to a better environment in the future.

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