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Prowork has all the intelligent electrical systems in house to provide you with optimized living comfort that is completely tailored to your personal requirements. Through years of experience and knowledge, Powork creates for you a comfortable and safe environment in which the latest technologies are applied so that you can live, work and relax wonderfully. Prowork has grown into a company centered on five disciplines – electrical, home automation, home theater, audio/video and security. In the showroom you can be surprised by Prowork’s intelligent living and working environment.

Home automation

Home automation makes it possible to automatically turn on lights wherever you go. When you leave the room again, the light dims without using a light switch. At sunrise or when the sun starts to shine brightly, the curtain or blinds will open and close. Even when you are away on vacation, your home lives on as usual. Remotely, you can monitor and control energy consumption yourself. If someone is at the front door, you will see who is there on the control panel. A safe feeling, since you can decide whether to open the door yourself.

Home theater

A home theater is a multipurpose space that can be completely configured to your needs by using the best technology. At the touch of a button, you can close the curtains and dim the lights so you can enjoy the latest movies in the front row. But it is also possible to control your game console. Gaming has never been so spectacular!


If you are a big fan of music and/or movies, you obviously want to enjoy sound and picture of the highest quality. With a modern music system, you can stream music flawlessly. Let Prowork provide the better audio and video equipment so you can enjoy the highest quality and latest models with excellent warranties.


Safety is an important aspect of comfortable living. It provides control of your home and your living environment. Consider camera surveillance at the front door so you can see who is at the door as early as the kitchen. Or, for example, an alarm system that uses scare lights to deter uninvited guests. You can also monitor your property from your vacation home.

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