Romain Dossou Interiors

Romain Dossou Interiors

We believe a home should reflect our client’s aspirations, unique personality, and lifestyle. We also listen to what a space has to say and its history, because quite often this is the reason to fall in love with a space. The unique details of a building, combined with the clients’ individuality can bring a design concept to life.

Our ability to interpret, re-imagine and create a new story between the “scene” and its “protagonists” leads to a luxurious sanctuary for our clients. We celebrate this fusion through the bold use of colors, exquisite details, sophisticated layering of materials, and a playful mix of shapes. The result: a breathtaking vision in every room, a sensory feast for our clients’ everyday life and unforgettable luxurious interiors. These are the hallmarks of Romain’s “Statement Interiors” and capture his signature look.

Whether you want to renovate a space or create a dream home from the ground up, Romain Dossou Interiors has the talent, team, and expertise you require.

For every project, we maximize the site potential, reimagine spaces through innovative design, and then resolve problems with practical interior design solutions to create a totally unique space. All of our projects are customised and executed with the highest level of detail, quality, and service. Our ultimate goal is to help you emotionally connect to your surrounding environment.

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Romain Dossou Interiors
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