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SBA Security

SBA Beveiliging Nieuwegein Betuwehaven 15 3433 PV Nieuwegein

SBA Security has been advising on the purchase and installation of security systems since 1979. Based in Nieuwegein but active throughout the Netherlands. SBA Security is a KIWA recognized BORG technical security company, for clients an extra assurance that stands for quality, reliability and durability.

In addition to intrusion and camera security, SBA Security provides a range of additional security measures such as access control, fire alarm and evacuation systems, architectural security, ground detection and safes. Follow-up of alarms, safe rooms and personal security is also part of the package of services. SBA Security works for individuals, businesses and government agencies alike.

The security systems provided are user-friendly and well integrated into the user's daily life. Turn the alarm on and off remotely? Viewing camera footage on your smartphone or tablet when you're not at home? No problem because with the App, all functions of the security system can be controlled from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi. If the need for security changes, the system can be adjusted quickly. In many cases, a technician visit is unnecessary because changes can often be made online.

The need for security is increasing. New construction houses are increasingly being delivered with burglar alarms as standard, but security cameras have also become an integral part of the security package. In addition to the camera mounted on the facade, we are increasingly installing camera masts on the plot. Fully customizable and available in any RAL color. A sensible and stylish addition to any security plan.

In new construction projects, the installation of security systems is already included when the home is developed. In this process, SBA Security works closely with the contractor. The advantage of this for the customer is that, by installing empty pipes, a beautiful and almost invisible installation of the system is realized. In cooperation with, among others, Thuis in Bouwen in Meerkerk, SBA Beveiliging has already been allowed to provide a large number of villas with security.

If you choose SBA Security as a partner for your security installation, you choose quality. The quality of the team of mechanics in not gone unnoticed. After a rigorous selection process, this amazing team won the 2019 election "the smartest hands in the Netherlands. An award for technical professionals who excel in their craftsmanship.

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SBA Security

Modern camera mast for a detached house in Bilthoven

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