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Siebers Garden Projects

Siebers Garden Projects
Siebers Tuinprojecten BV Renseweg 52 5425 PE De Mortel

What Siebers Garden Projects actually does is create a world where you can be completely yourself. A unique environment where you will find the inspiration, input and energy to inhale, experience and face life to the fullest.

Garden designs
Siebers Garden Projects shapes a wide variety of customer inspirations. We want to know what you are looking for in your garden, so that your garden ultimately fulfills what you were looking for.

Private gardens
The team at Siebers Garden Projects is a unique group of passionate professionals. Assisted by advanced tools, they are the driving force behind our flexibility and reliability. Siebers Garden Projects has good relationships with suppliers, ensuring consistent quality.

Company Gardens
Companies of today invest more and more in the appearance of the company such as: corporate clothing, websites and exclusive buildings where of course a representative company garden/terrain should not interrupt! Your business garden is your company's calling card. After all, it is the first impression for customers visiting your business. Therefore, it is important that your business garden looks presentable and cared for. The garden is also a nice lunch spot for your staff, where they can enjoy the greenery around them during breaks....

Garden Maintenance
Garden maintenance is an important thing especially since your garden is constantly changing. Plants grow, seasons change and nasty diseases can occur. With an established maintenance team, Siebers Garden Projects provides garden maintenance completely customized to the customer's needs. From winter and spring maintenance to weekly maintenance. Maintenance we can perform on direction also we can offer an appropriate maintenance contract for it.

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