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Talenti-Outdoor Outdoor Kitchens

Talenti-Outdoor Outdoor Kitchens

Kantoor ID Garden
Dorstseweg 20
4854NB Bavel

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Randweg 20
4104AC Culemborg

Italian manufacturer Talenti manufactures high-quality garden furniture with carefully chosen durable materials that will make your patio come alive.

The wide range of outdoor furniture is designed by talented and renowned designers, bringing together design and functionality into a perfect whole.

This high-quality outdoor furniture is made from the best materials and suitable for outdoor use such as teak, Accoya wood, aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic materials, and upholstered in the finest Italian fabrics. The Talenti collection is obviously characterized by the typical Italian taste and beauty.

Each collection consists of different furniture with its own unique style and personal character, linked by functionality, comfort and modern design. In addition to the outdoor furniture, there is also the unique Tikal outdoor kitchen, and a nice assortment of atmospheric accessories.

Talenti for ideal outdoor living.

We present part of the collection at the ETC DESIGN CENTER in Culemborg. The showroom can be visited by appointment only. You are most welcome. Email or call us to make an appointment.

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Talenti-Outdoor Outdoor Kitchens

Tikal Outdoor Kitchen

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