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TuijpsHuysch has been your partner for more than 40 years for Kitchens, Tiles, Plumbing & Wellness, among others. TuijpsHuysch believes that Unburdening and Design can go hand in hand. Our consultants turn every project into a true work of art, and our in-house craftsmen ensure that your remodel will pass you by without a care in the world.


Good design is so much more than a good combo of materials. This includes everything in terms of ease of use, ergonomics and everyday conveniences. Our consultants combine this for you. Together with you, they will determine a style that suits you perfectly and create a beautiful design here that will work well and stay in use.


A remodel involves a lot of stress. TuijpsHuysch ensures that this is reduced to an absolute minimum. We do this by appointing a project coordinator and by employing all our tradesmen in-house. This ensures that TuijpsHuysch can schedule your remodel as efficiently as possible.

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