Van Dinther Construction Company

Van Dinther Construction Company

Van Dinther Bouwbedrijf
Runstraat 65
5374 AB Schaijk

Van Dinther Bouwbedrijf is the right partner for building your dream home. Leading in the field of exclusive villa construction with an eternal eye for perfection, drive and consummate workmanship, you can build on the knowledge and experience this company has. Together with you, we will make your dream home a reality. Excellent quality at a fair price.

We work predominantly with our own staff and thus consciously keep quality in our own hands. With fifty years of experience in non-residential construction, renovation, restoration and luxury home construction, among others, we can offer you all the expertise and craftsmanship you need to make your needs a reality.

Quality is no accident. Craftsmanship must be continuously honed. Only then is there sustainable construction. Our clients are frugal in their possessions and ambitious in their dreams. Therefore, we make sure that we employ all the professionals needed to meet those high standards.

The times we subcontract work, it’s to subcontractors who have proven themselves in a good way in the past. Our project managers, superintendents, carpenters, masons, scaffolders and grouters keep each other on their toes and thus secure craftsmanship and knowledge for the future.

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Van Dinther Construction Company
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