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For more than thirty-five years, Vermeer Architects has been a leading firm in the Southern Netherlands. We work on various projects for different clients. In addition to architecture, we also focus on restoration and renovation. We approach projects in an innovative way, in which the wishes of the client as well as people and environment are central.

Our vision
The firm has a wide range of projects. Within housing this ranges from starter homes to detached villas. In the utilitarian sector and project developments, our designs can also be found. In 2005, our office moved to the former brick factory in Gilze, which is designated as cultural heritage. Within this progressive project, preservation and respect for the past are paramount.

We offer a total package of preparing, working out and supervising projects. Within spatial planning, we have developed subdivision and zoning plans, image quality plans and various forms of planning studies. We approach projects in an enthusiastic and innovative manner, incorporating the client’s wishes in an ambitious way into our vision. In this, people and environment, concept and detailing are central. This takes our projects to a high-quality level. In part, this is possible because of the knowledge and ambition of the employees.

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Vermeer Architects
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