Construction support for your dream villa

Construction support for your dream villa

Building or remodeling a home involves an awful lot. The beautiful end result of the dream home is in the client’s mind, but he often has no idea about the construction process. And he certainly doesn’t have time to constantly answer questions.

“Engage a specialist. He takes all the worries out of your hands and has the knowledge and expertise to manage the entire construction process,” tips Jacob van Puurveen, owner of Puur bouwbegeleiding. “If you need surgery, you also want a specialist to take on the operation. To each his profession.”

Why construction supervision?
“Wonderful ideas are created on paper, but things often go wrong during realization. If you don’t know the business, you can’t see the wood for the trees very quickly and things go wrong. You agree to questions you don’t really have an answer to, you spend money on things that can be done much more cheaply or are not necessary at all, and the whole process takes much longer than necessary. A renovation or new construction is not something you just do on the side. A good construction supervisor offers a solution and is the reliable pivot in the entire construction process,” says Jacob, who works with his own company mainly in the high end of the housing market.

What does Pure Construction Guidance stand for?
Being knowledgeable about construction and the building process are obviously important things in Jacob’s field. He likes to add communication. “Clear and crisp communication towards the client, as well as the contractor and all other parties. Open and honest.” Throughout the process, Jacob guides his clients, represents their interests in all cases and monitors quality. His experience, knowledge and expertise enable him to provide a high level of service to his clients. Anno 2017, he has been at the head of his own company for several years. “It is wonderful to be involved with your passion on a daily basis. I also enjoy thinking about interior solutions. I’m not an interior designer, but it’s fun to advise clients on built-in cabinets, wall units and fireplace arrangements based on sketches. It’s obviously not my core business, but it’s a nice side step.”

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