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Creating special walls

Creating special walls

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the field of exclusive walls and floors such as concrete ciré and very exclusive Italian wall finishes.

In our showroom many people come and after making a round they say

often unaware that there are so many beautiful things you can decorate a wall with.

"We are glad we were able to look around, now we really got a good impression of what is possible," we often hear after a visit.

The key is to listen carefully to the client's wishes and filter what one likes in order to achieve a beautiful result. Beautiful and bold interiors are given color with our exclusive products.Nothing is too crazy, we go the extra mile in exclusivity. From concrete ciré to exclusive walls clad in gold leaf!

Concrete ciré

Concrete ciré, a versatile product that allows you to achieve beautiful results.

From modern, luxury, industrial to country. With concrete ciré, you immediately achieve an atmosphere by

The countless colors in which this is available.

But what exactly is concrete ciré?

Concrete ciré a waterproof concrete stucco used for many purposes.

Think bathrooms, toilets, floors and walls. Because it is waterproof

it often used in bathrooms. Concrete ciré is applied by hand in 3 layers allowing

the product draws itself nicely. "The hand of the plasterer makes the drawing" that is also the beauty of the product.

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