Custom cabinets

Custom cabinets

“A closet not only adds a unique touch to your living room, hallway or bedroom but actually to any room in your home,” said Simone van Os of Sies Home Interior Design. “A permanent part of your interior that everyone looks for but can rarely find ready-made. Something essential and indispensable; after all, you never have enough storage space.

Custom cabinets are designed, created and delivered, then completely furnished to your taste and preference. Nothing more beautiful than a wall-filling piece of furniture. The cabinet not only serves as a stylish storage space, but also a custom-made piece of furniture results in an optical enlargement of your interior. How nice to have beautiful, unique vacation souvenirs or collectables on display in beautifully lit niches.

I regularly receive clients in my studio asking if I have a solution for the fireplace, can move the television out of sight or create enough closet space for the kids’ toys lying around. That solution is always there, namely a closet. The television can be placed on an elevator so that it is only visible at the times you want to watch television.

There are several solutions today for homes without a flue, a fireplace connected to the gas line or an electric fireplace. The remaining space is usually more than enough for appliances, toys or books. How nice it is to have a place (lockable or otherwise) to put a computer, creating a nice workspace. Entering a room and being overwhelmed by an imposing yet modest design that seems to blend almost perfectly into the interior, that is what I want to achieve with custom cabinets. And what woman doesn’t want a walk in closet? A room just for clothes, shoes and accessories. All by color and with identical clothes hangers. For anyone who has a spare room(s), that dream can become a reality.

With a good plan, you can often create much more storage space than you ever expected. Not only is the layout important, but the design of the cabinet doors also sets the mood. Should it have a classic look or do you prefer something sleeker? Hinges and locks, a trim on the doors or rather sliding doors after all; all these components are very important. Together with upholstery, wall and floor color, the design of the dream walk-in closet is created.

Is it itching yet? With good design and a skilled cabinetmaker, the possibilities are endless!”

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