Custom outdoor kitchen? You haven’t thought of these 4 options.

Custom outdoor kitchen? You haven’t thought of these 4 options.

A custom outdoor kitchen is a comfortable extension of your outdoor living space. Not only the place to enjoy a delicious barbecue, but also ideally the place to gather with friends and family. In this blog, we highlight 4 unique features of a custom outdoor kitchen.

Let indoors flow into outdoors
Indoors and outdoors should flow together completely for the most comfortable indoor and outdoor living. So you experience the outdoors inside and the comforts of indoors outside. You can achieve this blending in a variety of ways. One is to blend the style of your interior with the style of your garden. And that is also possible with the outdoor kitchen. Did you know that a custom outdoor kitchen can be made completely in the style of your indoor kitchen? By matching colors, shapes and even materials to your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen becomes a real eye-catcher.

Combine cooking and dining
Nothing nicer than having friends and family around while barbecuing. You achieve this in the perfect way when you blend cooking and dining. How about a table as an extension of your outdoor kitchen or an attractive bar attached to the custom outdoor kitchen? This way, your guests will easily slide in and atmosphere is guaranteed.

More than just barbecue
When you think of an outdoor kitchen, you probably think of authentic barbecue. But the hobby of barbecue is something very different from that of outdoor living and outdoor cooking. Therefore, you can also choose other cooking appliances in your custom outdoor kitchen. How about expertly integrated gas burners or high-quality induction?

Integrate greenery into your outdoor kitchen
Nature and luxurious comfort certainly don’t have to be opposites. Especially in a custom outdoor kitchen, you have the perfect opportunity to incorporate greenery. How about an integrated planter in line with your outdoor kitchen? Extra tip: turn it into a spice tray. This way you will always have fresh herbs within reach while barbecuing.

Would you like to have a custom outdoor kitchen designed and realized? We at COOXS work day in and day out to create the highest quality custom outdoor kitchens. From the best materials and always with a creative design: fully customized to your needs. Contact us and one of our advisors will work with you to create the perfect outdoor kitchen.


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