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Dark window decoration, more than a home decorating trend!

Dark window decoration, more than a home decorating trend!

That "black is the new white" is a common saying. But that black and white stiffened in window coverings is becoming an increasingly popular statement among interior designers and stylists. Living bloggers and magazines are also paying considerably more attention to it in a variety of modern media. And on inspiration platform Pinterest, many boards have already been put together with beautiful combinations. We'd like to take you through the ins and outs of this trend.

Experience the power of sunlight at home
Light is really a determinant of atmosphere in the home and especially an important ingredient in our daily lives. But that's not something everyone thinks about. Light gives us energy to get through the day, and light allows us to experience things as they are. Light is also the element that makes us feel at home. People are gaining a better understanding of the effect of light in your home and the possibilities for using it. Creating natural light in the home is increasingly a focus for many interior designers and architects. Where previously neutral and unobtrusive window decorations were chosen, dark window decorations are now much more common. And with that, extra emphasis is placed on (light) windows and natural light is given more attention. After all, what takes place outside is one big alternating painting and spectacle of light.

"The contrast created between dark window decoration and light window frames is fantastic. Dark window decoration creates such perception and sparkle, it is more popular than ever!"

But ..there are more reasons to choose dark window coverings:
- The combination of white and black gives living spaces an extra chic look.
- A dark color falls quite easily with a light and neutral interior.
- Dark window coverings, such as anthracite or black, fit perfectly with today's minimalist and Scandinavian interior styles. It brings balance to the interior.
- A light or neutral living space gains extra body or coziness when dark colors are used.
- The effect of the trend of black aluminum window frames in contemporary interiors can also be obtained with black window decoration. You can also go with the trend in your existing interior this way, without remodeling or replacing window frames.

The right color combinations
Are you now looking for the right combination of colors in your interior or are you unsure what color will match dark window decorations on your walls, for example? Some great combinations that we get very excited about:
- Anthracite fits perfectly with the trend of green in interior design. The striking contrast between anthracite/black and natural green tones is really beautiful. Warm and Adventurous!
- The combo of green and black gives living spaces a chic look.
- Are you going for the Urban Jungle style? Then combine light and neutral colors with dark window coverings, such as anthracite or bronze. Your interior will come alive!
- What you see a lot of in trendy interiors right now are dried grasses & feathers. But also wood, bamboo, cotton and wool. These materials look even better with cool dark window coverings, it makes it more vibrant. Consider black aluminum shutters that still retain natural detail.
- Dark colors make your interior more cozy. It provides warmth and contrast!
- Prefer not too cool furnishings? Dark window decorations and light walls or, for example, a light carpet balance your interior while still creating an exciting effect.

Get further inspiration from our website and the different applications and models of Fractions. There are color combinations suggested for each model but if you want your own composition you can of course!

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