De Rooy Steel Doors and Osiris Hertman introduce new steel door: model Rituals

De Rooy Steel Doors and Osiris Hertman introduce new steel door: model Rituals

Osiris Hertman is known for its high-quality designs and unique designs. In 2016, the collaboration between De Rooy Steel Doors and Osiris Hertman began with the design of unique handles for a set of steel doors. Over the years there has been much collaboration, ultimately resulting in a new collection of steel doors designed by Osiris Hertman. They recently introduced the first new model: Rituals.

Reclaiming rituals in the home
Asked about his design process, Herman says, “We need more rituals in a modern home. Many things that used to be so obvious we no longer see in the household. Doing the dishes together, or waiting for the tea kettle to come on and then drinking tea together … We miss these kinds of rituals in today’s home. With the longing for those rituals of the past, came the inspiration for Model Rituals. Every time you open the door, I want to take a moment to reflect on the beauty of the home. Every time you hold a sturdy door handle in your hand, you pause to consider the value of what a door gives access to, your home, your family, your child’s room. A good interior is like nature, it gives you peace.’

Perfect material use
The materials chosen are characteristic of Model Rituals. What makes the design unique is the inlay of natural materials at the handle. ‘The design is simple, as if a child drew it. It shows calmness and elegance. The depth and intelligence of this model is found in the material. The combination of the real wood and the real bronze feel, that gives tranquility to the door and the interior. It is therefore also perfect to combine with a subdued interior and, for example, soft wallpaper.’

View model Rituals in the showroom
Are you curious about this stunning new model of steel doors? Stop by De Rooy Steel Doors in the showroom in Veenendaal and get acquainted with model Rituals. Model Rituals is available as a pivot door, sliding door and hinged door.

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