The value of a light sculpture

The value of a light sculpture

“When a light sculpture of ours hangs above the table, it will always be discussed during a dinner party. Positive or negative. It is impossible not to feel anything. In my eyes light can be more than a light bulb. With my creations, I want to tell a story, provoke an emotion, or present people with a problem. Sometimes there is a certain temptation or sensuality in a collection. Another collection gives a wink, and yet another carries a clear archetypal element or primal feeling.

If new construction projects – whether residential or hospitality – are fully furnished in one go, they sometimes lack character. A light sculpture changes that and adds atmosphere and experience. The design of the light sculpture and the charm of handicraft – after all every collection is made entirely by hand – has the power to load a space with emotion.

Our customers are not looking for a lamp to illuminate a space, but for a feeling or an artistic expression that suits them. It also happens that people with a very personal wish or event from their lives come to us. Where people used to go to a painter for a personal painting, they now know how to find a light artist. Together with my team, I also create a unique design for people who cannot find what they are looking for within the current range of the light industry.

In order to get a clear picture of their wishes, we will of course enter into discussions with these people. During these meetings I come close to the customer. It is an intimate moment to be admitted to one’s own living environment. Often there are very successful business people sitting at the table, used to being in control of everything. In our conversations I see them change, the hardness is going away. That always remains a special moment.

More than 25 years of telling stories through light art has resulted in a very diverse collection of light sculptures. These different collections find their way to more than sixty countries. From Oman to Uzbekistan. From Russia to the Philippines. From the most beautiful flower shop in Tokyo to a 17th century castle in Belgium. There is something ambivalent in our designs. A sculpture can fit perfectly with a contemporary home, but can also come into its own in a classical castle. Our end customers are equally diverse. From rappers to royals, and everything in between. “

* For over a quarter of a century, William Brand has been designing exclusive lighting from his studio in Naarden. Together with his team, he has made BRAND VAN EGMOND a brand known for creations that are as avant-garde as they are unique. In this column, William Brand, designer and owner of this exclusive brand shines his light on the value of a light sculpture in an interior.

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