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Design and functionality go hand in hand

Design and functionality go hand in hand

The many possibilities of the stylish Fractions aluminum shutters

That ventilating is important is no longer a matter of debate. Especially not now that we have been dealing with the coronavirus for two years and ventilation is even mentioned as one of the basic measures in the fight against this virus. Matter of opening a window? You can do that, of course, but if you want to ventilate in style, choose aluminum designer shutters from Fractions.

A healthy, fresh environment is an important prerequisite for pleasant living and working (at home). In the living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen; for every room in the house, ventilation is essential. But in a nicely decorated home, you don't want to look at unsightly vents. In designer Osiris Hertman's Fractions patterns, functionality and design go hand in hand. For Fractions, Osiris designed a series of aluminum shutters that add a unique look to any home. A design element in the home, but also functional when it comes to light, creating privacy and ventilation options.

Play of shadow and light

Osiris Hertman's various designs create an exciting play of shadow and light in the home. The light does not first reflect on the slats, but falls directly through the slots into the room. The result: a fascinating play of light, different in each of the beautiful designs. Osiris: "The seven patterns are all different and give each room a completely different atmosphere; warm, sensual, playful and powerful. You can vary enormously with the light intensity by opening the shutters more or slightly less and creating a busier or quieter pattern. Fractions are compact aluminum shutters and allow you to play between open and closed and determine the desired light intensity in the room; they form a true dance of moving patterns, light and shadow."

Stylishly ventilate any room

Due to the material of the Fractions shutters, stainless aluminum, the shutters are not only suitable for the living room or bedroom, but they are also perfect to install in the kitchen or bathroom, for example. Preeminently places where good ventilation is of great importance. Especially in a humid bathroom, it is advisable to ventilate well on a daily basis. Fractions shutters are resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Another important aspect of Fractions: the shutters can be easily applied to a tilt-turn window or tilt-turn door. The slim material allows Fractions to fit seamlessly into a frame, behind the door or window handle. The Fractions shutters simply rotate and ventilation is therefore no problem at all.

Poor ventilation can cause a variety of health problems, including headaches, odor nuisance, mucous membrane irritations, transmission of infectious diseases, worsening of asthma symptoms and a variety of allergic reactions. And because in the Netherlands we spend most of our time indoors, a good indoor environment is important and daily ventilation is a necessity. So throw open those windows, and provide a healthy living environment.

For those who want to ensure that well-ventilated home while choosing a stylish window dressing, Fractions offers several beautiful designs. True eye-catchers, with a luxurious appearance, customizable in any RAL color. After all, functional may also be beautiful.

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