Design tips for your garden and patio

Design tips for your garden and patio

Do you have summer jitters yet? Sitting in the sun with a drink … that is, of course, ultimate enjoyment. Maybe you’ll get to work in the garden first. If so, we have some helpful design tips for you.

Create tranquility and depth
Straight lines always bring tranquility to your garden. Moreover, with straight lines to the back, you can increase the perspective, making your garden appear deeper. For width, of course, this works the same way. Use larger tiles to create a spacious effect in a smaller garden.

Exciting contrasts
Try applying height differences in your garden. You create tension in the garden by placing higher elements in the foreground in combination with lower elements. For example, you can very well place a tree or a pergola in the foreground. You can also add excitement with your patio. By choosing a wild dressing or by surrounding large square tiles with a border of smaller-sized stones.

The addition against the shed, with the tall element against which the garden table stands, creates an unexpected depth effect. The wild-cut tiles provide the exciting effect.

Your patio in the front or back of the garden?
Often a terrace is laid directly against the house. You then have direct access from the house, but the view from the house is partially obstructed by this. Putting the patio farther away has the significant advantage of making the view from the house more attractive. So creating a separate terrace is interesting for several reasons. Play around with this idea.

Low maintenance garden tiles
If you are in need of a new patio, check out the latest material types. These guarantee lots of garden fun and low maintenance. A high-quality ceramic garden tile, such as GeoCeramica® from MBI, is totally impervious to dirt or green deposits. With a lather and little effort, the dirt deposits will be gone in no time. What’s more, you can choose from dozens of colors and trendy designs.

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