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Designing a small outdoor space

Designing a small outdoor space

In our circle of clients and friends, we find many young people moving to the city. Anno 2022, that means paying more for less space. This also applies to the garden. Still, a small urban garden does not mean that it cannot be used to its full potential.

For the best way to decorate a small city garden or patio, you can find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram or our website, for example, which you may have already visited. The challenge is to select and set the mood from all this accumulated inspiration.

Once you have selected from the various mood images, the next step is to contact a garden designer/architect. Who is going to translate your wishes into a garden plan.

4 tips for creating a planting plan for the small outdoor space
A pallet of colors quickly makes the garden look small, crowded and cluttered. Create tranquility by using green as the main color.

Consider shade from surrounding buildings in the planting plan. Not every plant does well in shade. For advice, feel free to contact us.

Use climbing and twining plants to dress up the limited space as green as possible.

Situate greenery centrally in the garden to experience the experience from multiple angles.

By using lighting in your garden, the garden becomes a part of the home, an extension of the kitchen or living room. Want to make your city garden or patio look bigger? Then light the tree or multi-stemmed shrub at the back of the garden, this will add depth.

Are you looking for a garden plan for your city garden or patio? Then contact us. We like to think with you about the layout.

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