Discover the latest trends of outdoor cooking and enjoy the comfort!

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Outdoor living has been gaining momentum in recent years. Indeed, in times of staying home a lot, we have come to appreciate our own outdoor space more and more. And that impacts all forms of outdoor living: including outdoor cooking! In this blog, we will tell you more about the latest trends in outdoor cooking.

From the inside out

Until recently, outdoor cooking often consisted of an occasional summer barbecue night on a simple coal or gas grill. The common thread in the development of outdoor cooking is that nowadays this is no longer enough and barbecues are being replaced for complete outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens that are not inferior to indoor kitchens in execution, full of luxury accessories and comforts. Which accessories are those? You can read about that below.

More than barbecuing

Many people choose a barbecue when it comes to outdoor cooking. From the authentic Big Green Egg to complete, luxury gas barbecues. Barbecues that combine comfort and luxury with a true outdoor feel. But you don’t have to be a true barbecue lover to enjoy outdoor cooking. This is why we are increasingly realizing outdoor kitchens with integrated gas hobs or induction in them: cooking just like indoors, only in the glorious summer sun.

But comfortable outdoor living goes far beyond outdoor cooking, of course. Having drinks together with friends and family is also part of this. This is why we often build a convenient wine refrigerator into the exclusive COOXS outdoor kitchens. So drinks are always, freshly chilled, at your fingertips. Or how about a sink with a faucet? Practical and comfortable.

Want to experience the comfort of outdoor cooking for yourself? Whether with a barbecue or the latest outdoor cooking equipment or a wine refrigerator. Contact COOXS, together we will design your dream outdoor kitchen.

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