Discover the window decoration trends of 2022!

Discover the window decoration trends of 2022!

Time for a breath of fresh air in your interiors? Then put the focus on the most important mood creator in the home: window coverings. These days, the options are endless when it comes to window coverings. Choice stress? No need! These are the latest window decoration trends for 2022:

Window decoration trend 1: go dark!
Anno 2022, dark window coverings are totally hot. However, the popularity of dark window coverings had been increasing for years. From dark gray, matte black to various wood tones, your interior instantly takes on a touch of luxury. With luxury shutters or wood blinds from JASNO in Traffic Grey or Matte Black, you’re in the right place right away. Afraid it will be too dark in the house? This is certainly not necessary. Simply flip open the shutter panels for full view outside. Or, for example, have the tall shutters for garden doors placed on a track so that the shutter panels can be slid open in no time. As for dark blinds or folding curtains; they can be pulled up all the way. Or adjust the slats of shutters and blinds so that light from outside shines into the living space.

Window decoration trend 2: only sustainable window coverings
One of the key trends for 2022 is that window coverings should be durable. Quality is paramount. Choose products that last a very long time. When it comes to window coverings, choose a good quality brand that will last for years and thus certainly won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. The difference is not only in the price but, more importantly, in the wood used, the finish and the various layers of protection and paint on the window coverings. Orient yourself well in advance and get advice so you can be assured of the best window coverings for decades to come.

Window decoration trend 3: blinds are unmissable
Venetian blinds have been popular for years, but this home decorating trend will continue especially strong in 2022. Wooden blinds in particular are an eye-catcher for your windows. Ideal for modern as well as country interiors. Blinds are also especially practical. Simply adjust the blinds to the right position via the control cords and control how the light shines into your living space. At JASNO, you can choose wooden blinds with the new mono-command design. With only one control chain, you can then tilt and raise the slats. Perfect for an even tighter look and added convenience. Our blinds are also available with subtle and unique privacy cords for even more privacy.

In addition, window coverings are going to provide you with even more convenience in 2022. Electric blinds offer the helping hand. At the touch of a button on the remote control, the slats of the blinds open or the folding curtains slide up smoothly. Ideal anyway! At JASNO, you can even choose window decorations that can be controlled via voice with your smartphone.

Want to know more about the quality of JASNO window coverings or can we advise you on dark window coverings, for example? Request a free brochure or contact JASNO shutters in Eersel.

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