Domofocus and Ergofocus join the Gyrofocus Glass!

Domofocus and Ergofocus join the Gyrofocus Glass!

With the launch of the GLAS version of the Domofocus and Ergofocus, two symbolic models of the brand, FOCUS further expands its collection of eco-efficient fireplaces.

Awarding the brand new special mention “sustainable” to the Gyrofocus Glass at the Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA) in late 2021, is recognition of the approach Focus has taken for years in transforming its wood-burning fireplaces. With the aim of energy performance and eco- responsibility, without compromising on design.

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More than design, also energy performance!
Focus now presents three Ecodesign certified models with glass. Gyrofocus and Domofocus fully comply with the highest European standards and regulations.

The original designs of both Ergofocus and Domofocus remain completely intact. The clean and ergonomic shape of the Ergofocus and the curves of the Domofocus have been perfectly preserved, as well as the ability to rotate 360°. As with the Gyrofocus, an ingenious sliding glass window provides a perfect view of the flames, with no danger of flying sparks.

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Besides the design, the technological challenge!
Focus is the only one in the industry to make the combustion chamber of its fireplaces part of the design. This already difficult challenge has become even more complex with the ambition to close the fireplaces and have them give real energy performance, making them eco-efficient. The organic shapes of these iconic models were not initially suited to this double technological challenge!

Focus started a real transformation of its entire industrial process ten years ago, investing more than 6 million euros in a new R&D department. To further speed up and streamline the certification process, Focus has also set up a test bench identical to the European laboratories that grant Ecodesign certification. It is because of this strong technological component, in-house culture for custom products and limited series production that Focus can meet these challenges.

The Glazed Gyrofocus: Archiproducts 2021 winner
Since fall 2021, the Gyrofocus has been available with glass, the world’s first suspended and rotating fireplace, living up to its status as an international design icon time and again. Proof that Focus models are not only beautiful but also smart. The first official recognition came late last year for the company’s commitment to creating eco-responsible products, which is why the Gyrofocus Glass was awarded at the Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA) 2021.

The ADA jury, composed of environmental, Ecodesign and sustainability experts from the world of architecture and design, rewarded products that stand out for their use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, low-pollutant emission production and commitment to ensuring minimal environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle.

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There were more than 100 nominees worldwide for the special mention for Sustainability. The Gyrofocus Glass has distinguished itself through its innovativeness, high-technology and, above all, its legendary design, which is now as eco-efficient as it is sustainable.

The trio stands together as a new family of eco-efficient fireplaces with glass windows: Gyrofocus, Domofocus and Ergofocus.

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