Dream bathroom wanted! How do you organize a makeover?

Dream bathroom wanted! How do you organize a makeover?

The ball is in the church; the bathroom is getting a total makeover. A project that involves a lot. It’s a big expense so you want to be sure to make the right choices. But how do you make sure everything is right and that it becomes a space that energizes you every day? Here are a handful of tips to help you realize your dream bathroom!

Design effect in large and small bathroom spaces
Not everyone has the luxury of a large bathroom that you often see in the home decorating magazines. Don’t be disappointed! You can also create a beautiful designer bathroom in a smaller space. With the right mix of materials and colors, you create unity. Choose freestanding elements, by this we mean, for example, a freestanding bathtub or shower. A freestanding tub or an open shower with subtly finished faucets makes even a small space look airy and uncluttered; an added benefit is that the room also appears visually larger. Another plus of freestanding bathroom elements is that you can keep walls free for practical accessories such as a mirror, towel rack or shelf. A wall-mounted faucet also literally gives you more space, leaving your sink free for a bar of soap or toothbrushes.

A sustainable bathroom with stainless steel and solid surface materials
Besides the nice accomplished feeling when the bathroom makeover is completed, you want to enjoy your luxurious bathroom for a long time afterwards. Therefore, make sure you choose materials that are long-lasting and easy to clean. These include stainless steel for faucets and showers and solid surface materials for baths and basins. Also, take a close look at the weight of a bathtub, so you won’t face unexpected costs if major modifications are needed to your bathroom floor.

Lighting is the mood creator in any bathroom
Most bathrooms do not have large windows and therefore little or no natural light so lighting is extra important. It’s an intimate space but you also need functional light when shaving or applying makeup. Start with basic lighting, often in the form of spotlights. Then you choose the functional lighting, such as mirror lighting. You can also use a special lamp as an eye-catcher in your bathroom, for example, above a bathtub. It is ideal if all lighting is dimmable, so you can adjust the light to suit any moment. Just make sure that the lighting is suitable for the bathroom; it is still a damp room.

Relaxation gives the right energy
The bathroom is a space where you start and also end your day, a space that gives you energy and peace. After a hard day’s work or exercise take a shower or relax in the bath. Not only will you get the right energy after your relaxing moment but also the beautiful bathroom will just make you happy. Choose the perfect combination of colors and materials that you feel comfortable with. Matching accessories, and don’t forget the toilet, provide peace and balance.

Bathroom specialist knows how your dreams can become reality
Finally, it is important that you get good advice from professionals. Throughout the Netherlands you will find bathroom specialists who will think with you and take the hassle out of arranging your perfect bathroom. Before you go to the bathroom specialist, it’s helpful to do some preliminary work by getting inspired so you can specify what your style is that you want to create in the bathroom. One way to do this is to put together a wish list or create a Pinterest board, for example.

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