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Dutch bed maker celebrates 15-year anniversary

Dutch bed maker celebrates 15-year anniversary

Nilson Beds conquers high-end interior design market

AMERSFOORT - The year 2020 was to be the year for an ambitious leap in growth for Nilson Beds. A great start was made this year with the opening of the new showroom, the introduction of a new corporate identity and the introduction of a special new collection.

After years of planning, Nilson Beds moved into a new showroom in Amersfoort in January. A year was spent building this extraordinary concept. A Brand Experience Store where everything can be found under one roof: a test room, stylish bedroom setups, a fabric room, space to receive guests, offices and warehouse.

New corporate identity
In addition to the new showroom, after 15 years it was also time for a new logo and corporate identity.
"A contemporary design, sleek yet timeless," believes founder Rijndert Fluit. "The opening in the O symbolizes the sun rising or setting. During the year, the new corporate identity was stylishly implemented in lettering, all printed materials and a new catalog. "In 2021, the new website will also go live," Rijndert says.

Design beds
The new showroom has become a true "brand experience store" of 1000m2. "Here we can properly show what we have to offer, literally and figuratively," Rijndert says. Renowned interior designers such as Wolterinck and Remy Meijers signed for several of Nilson's bed designs. A design by Roelfien Vos will be presented soon. "A special and innovative design and really something different from what we've had in the collection so far," Rijndert said.

Top quality sleep comfort
Nilson's collection can be divided into "Natural Beds and "Hotel Beds. 'The hotel beds are our basic collection, made from high-quality materials. The other segment concerns beds made from natural materials such as wool, cotton and horsehair. On the occasion of our anniversary, we have developed a special edition of our hotel bed. We are offering this for a special anniversary price. We hope this will help even more people discover our wonderful sleeping comfort!

Investing in good sleep
More and more individuals and interior designers are finding their way to Nilson. 'Now that we are located in Amersfoort, we receive more and more spontaneous visitors. Especially now that we are also open on Saturdays. Especially in these times with Corona, buying a bed is a good investment. Not just to sleep well, because at Nilson we show that sleeping comfort can also be beautiful,' says Rijndert.

Hotel Suite
'Now that we are home more and can't go on vacation, people want to create a hotel feel in their bedroom. And that's also our motto: with Nilson, you turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite. We produce beautiful beds, completely customized to the customer's requirements. Complete with soft comforters and pillows, shiny sheets, cozy bedspreads and decorative pillows, we complete the picture. In addition, we make matching bedroom furniture.

Hotel Projects
Nilson is also on the map at hotels. Rijndert: "We offer a very nice price/quality ratio and give excellent service. Many hotels, despite Corona, continue to invest in Nilson beds. The hotel beds are also the first introduction to Nilson for many people. They stay in a Nilson bed and wake up so nicely that a visit to the showroom follows. That's still the best advertising there is!

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