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Dutch design: top home-grown brands

Dutch design: top home-grown brands

When it comes to designer furniture, the Netherlands is a rich country. A host of these archetypal Dutch brands are included in Berden's assortment, think of brands such asLeolux,Artifort, Auping and Linteloo, which have now acquired their position in the Netherlands, but also far beyond.

Dutch design has become increasingly well-known since the 1980s because of the many talented designers and furniture makers in the Netherlands. We would like to highlight several top Dutch brands available from us.

An important player in the design field is Leolux, a family business that is still based in the city of Venlo just like Berden. Leolux was founded in 1934 under the name "The South Netherlands Club Furniture Factory" and has since grown into an internationally recognized design brand, recognizable for its quality and comfort.

With such classic models as the 104, 637 and 602, they set the tone. It has since spawned several iconic designs, such as thePallone armchair and the Bora Bora sofa. It is also impossible to imagine Leolux's collection without the beautifulCaruzzo armchair, which we can currently deliver from stock.

Today, the third generation is at the helm. Several strong brands fall under Leolux, each occupying its own position in the market. One of these brands isPode, also available at Berden.

Like Leolux, Label is a true family business, but with a somewhat shorter history. Label has its origins in 1991. The headstrong designer, Gerard van den Berg, had one goal in mind and, together with his brother Ton van den Berg, knew exactly what Label should stand for: pure Dutch design with its own identity and a no-nonsense character. All seating is handcrafted by true craftsmen with passion. This is how Label has been doing it for nearly 30 years from the heart of the furniture and leather industry, Brabant.

The leather used by Label has truly natural characteristics. As a result, no two pieces of seating are identical. Surely Label's most famous design is theHidde armchair, named after Gerard's eldest grandson. The armchair resembles a baseball glove. Because of its shape, the swivel armchair is also tremendously comfortable! The Hidde is available from stock in a variety of leathers, as is theMoby Dick sofa.

The founder of Gelderland (in 1934) was very fond of Scandinavian design. Therefore, modern shaped design with angular shapes was heard at a very early stage. Moreover, even back then the foundations were laid for what Gelderland furniture can be recognized by today: durability and seating comfort. Every piece of Gelderland furniture is completely manufactured in the Netherlands. To be precise, at the factory in Culemborg. One of the best-known designers with whom Gelderland has worked for more than 50 years is Jan des Bouvrie. The5770 armchairand the6511 sofaare two designs by Jan des Bouvrie that we can currently supply from stock!

Bert Plantagie
The origins of Bert Plantagie go back to 1958, when Johannes Smits started the company "Smits Steel Furniture" in Cuijk. In 2000, the company was acquired by Bert Plantagie, which took a new direction and focused on the consumer market. Bert Plantagie's collection is especially recognizable for its unprecedented number of possibilities. Seats are available in a range of fabric and leather, even duo upholstery, with custom and color bases. Customization is further reflected in the collection of tables. The sizes and materials in which the tables are available are endless. View Bert Plantagie's wide range of furniture, such as the Stella tableand theKiko chair, on our website.

Pilat & Pilat
A design brand with its roots a little higher up in the Netherlands is Pilat & Pilat. The Frisian family business, after more than 40 years, still has Twijzel as its home base. Small jobs and repairs still take place here, but production is in an in-house factory in Bosnia. That choice was made for a reason. In fact, the furniture manufactured by Pilat & Pilat is all made of wood, available in Bosnia practically next door to the factory, as are people who know the true craft of woodworking. Pilat & Pilat furniture is available in a variety of wood species and finishes, such as oak, elm and walnut in oil, lacquer or soap. Each Pilat & Pilat model is named after a family member. Take, for example, the beautifulWybe table, also available in diamond pattern, or the Elfriede cabinet.

In addition to furniture brands, the Netherlands is also rich in sleep brands, such as Auping. Auping has been the specialist in sleep comfort for more than 130 years and believes that a rested world is a better world. Therefore, sleeping well begins with a good mattress. However, what is comfortable for one person is not for another. For this reason, Auping has included several mattresses in different firmnesses and with multiple comfort zones in its collection. Take, for example, theAdagio,MaestroandVivo. Auping's collection also includes modern and classic beds and box springs with a timeless character, such as the Auronde bed or theOriginal box spring. You can tailor these entirely to your needs.

All models of these top brands are available at Berden. Would you like more information about your favorite piece of furniture or a free quote? Then contact our interior design consultants. You may also have become curious about the many wonderful things these Dutch brands have to offer. In that case, visit one of our showrooms! The offerings vary by establishment. If you are coming for a specific model, please inquire prior to your visit to see if we have the piece of furniture on display.

This blog was written by Lotte Pieterse.
Sales & content management at Berden.
Publication: Thursday, April 23, 2020

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