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Dutch Walltextile Company introduces the Luxury Safari Collection

Dutch Walltextile Company introduces the Luxury Safari Collection

With Indian silks and rich jacquards as standard in its versatile collection, Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) has developed a strong connection with materials and colors found in nature. With this new Luxury Safari consisting of seven collections, the Dutch design brand delves deeper into this theme.

Dutch Walltextile Company's seven rich collections take you to the enchanting flora and fauna of Africa. This inspiration from the tropical savanna is captured in tactile designs, patterns and colors:

Collection Serpente is inspired by the scaly skin of the python. As well as Buzz with sophisticated lion print in a harder grassy wall textile. Contrasting in material is Bobcat; a velvety jacquard with leopard print in pastel tones. The varied grass landscapes and vistas of the savanna influenced the development of Timotee; a beige and ochre yellow wall textile with a texture of wicker. Wicker also has this look but also has a graphic black check pattern. These five collections make a statement on the wall and also pair well with the ten solid colors of the straw-like wall textile Sidemen. This is also true of Matera' s soft linen look, which, through its 14 subtle colors such as ivory, desert red elephant gray to ocean blue, forms a fitting whole. The balanced mix of hard and soft materials, warm and cold color tones, make for a complete luxury collection that manages to bring the feeling of the African wilderness into your interior.

Dutch Walltextile Company
Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) is internationally renowned for producing the finest and most luxurious wall textiles intended for high-end interiors. DWC reinterprets a traditional product by combining craftsmanship and elegance with contemporary style. The entire collection is designed and
produced in our own production house in Amsterdam.

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