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Dutch Walltextile Company launches new collection during Design District

Dutch Walltextile Company launches new collection during Design District

During Design District, Dutch Walltextile Company - renowned for the finest and most luxurious wall textiles - introduced a beautiful new collection of wall textiles: the Ocean Bay collection.

With Indian silk and rich jacquards as standard in the versatile collection, DutchWalltextile Company (DWC) has already developed a strong connection with materials and colors found in nature over the years. And with the new Ocean Bay collection consisting of six collections, the Dutch wall textile brand is now delving deeper into this theme.

The Ocean Bay collection is the umbrella name for six new collections inspired by the coastal area, its connection to nature and especially the ocean. The collection takes you on a journey, so to speak, through light, color and different textures that all evoke an association with these themes. What do these six collections look like?

Under the name Sponge Bouclé, DWC is the first to launch the classic wall-mounted bouclé fabric. Typical of this loosely woven fabric, are the various bumps and lumps that make this fabric so vibrant. The granular texture is very reminiscent of the natural sponges from the sea. Executed in an extensive palette of 22 colors that range from coral red, ochre yellow to bright sea green.

You can make a real statement with Grunge; this wonderfully soft velvet with luxurious appeal, features a striking graphic design inspired by the texture of parched clay. The typical feature of this fabric is the color change when rubbed.

The jagged Atlantic sea reefs with beautiful hues, influenced the development of Falaise; this multi-colored satin fabric represents elegance and southern atmospheres. The multi color with silver and gold accents provides depth and a rich color image.

Pontus gets its name from the Greek God Pontus who personifies the sea. The fabric exhibits a soft sheen with playful irregular reflections reminiscent of the sun's brilliance in the sea.

The rising mist over the water was the inspiration for collection Mystic. This linen-textured material has a unique soft graying color palette that, due to its calm appearance, fits into any interior.

Of course, a silk look should not be missing from the collection. That's what you'll find in Coconut. This line has a gossamer grass-like texture in a natural color palette from coconut brown, sandy yellow to pebble gray.

In short, an extensive and innovative, well-balanced collection with diverse materials and colors that invites you to make any wall a statement, or integrate it completely into the interior.

Technical specifications

The wall textiles are 130 cm wide and available by length meters. Consumer prices range from €70 to €150 per length meter. The wall textiles collections are also available as loose fabric for curtains, pillows and furniture coverings.

Dutch Walltextile Company

Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) is internationally renowned for producing the finest and most luxurious wall textiles intended for high-end interiors. DWC reinterprets a traditional product by combining craftsmanship and elegance with contemporary style. The entire collection is designed and produced in the in-house production house in

Amsterdam. www.dwc-amsterdam.com

Design District

Design District is the best trade event for interior design in the Netherlands. For 3 days, an exhibition floor of more than 7,500 m² is filled with presentations of the 150 finest interior design brands. But Design District is more than a fair, you will also find exhibitions by design academies and young designers and you can attend one or more lectures. The18th edition took place November 3 to 5 at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam.www.designdistrict.nl

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