Endless combining in your dream custom kitchen or interior design

Endless combining in your dream custom kitchen or interior design

After such a turbulent time with the corona virus, we are looking more than ever for coziness and warmth in our home. And in that, we are happy to make a difference for you. We want to help you make your home (read: especially the kitchen) even more atmospheric and cozy. With all the materials, colors and options available today, we can combine endlessly.

The living trends of 2022
In 2022, the trend of black kitchen cabinets and old oak cabinets continues. We saw a lot of marble look countertops, shelves as decoration and plants in the kitchen. ‘Bring nature inside’ is still the motto. Therefore, natural materials and colors are also an important starting point for the atmosphere in and appearance of our kitchen in 2022. We also see chic materials and colors combined with natural materials and colors. Think black steel combined with wood and stone.

Hotel Chic style in your kitchen
The term “hotel chic” is becoming more common and even applied to the kitchen. It means that your kitchen will have a luxurious, exclusive look and specific ambient elements will be used in it. Think warm, dark tones like old blue and green, brown, cognac, black and anthracite. This combined with materials such as wood, steel, leather and velour create a hotel chic feel. A (herringbone) wood floor or light (marble-look) tile or screed complete the picture. Wall finishes are also being given more and more thought. It often has a distinctive pattern that can be created with tile, wallpaper or even art.

The 2022 colors are Brass, Bronze, Gunsmoke, metallic, brass, copper and titanium. These are metallic colors for an industrial, but also a chic, luxurious, exclusive look to your kitchen. On the contrary, we see lighter tones in the woods, and not only of the kitchen but also of your floor and/or furniture.

Dare to combine, it’s allowed!
So much is possible in colors, materials and arrangements that can be tailored in detail to your identity. That way, the kitchen really doesn’t have to be just practical anymore. Nowadays we can combine practical very well with what is beautiful and chic. That’s why we see combinations of colors and materials almost in all kitchens. One color of kitchen cabinets is less often chosen for the entire kitchen. One color, on the other hand, can be very calm and chic.

Yet we are increasingly seeing multiple colors in kitchens, for example, black tall cabinetry, wood base cabinets and stone countertops. In fact, this year we are going to see three types of materials in the kitchen. Think wooden cabinets, for example, combined with metal (color) and Phoenix cabinets. And that even combined with one or two colors of stone countertops. We also see another beautiful tile on the wall. Not only because it is practical, but precisely because the pattern and color of the tile makes your kitchen very attractive (finished). Or, on the contrary, we see one large, matching piece of art on the wall to complete the atmosphere. In short, the possibilities are truly endless!

Our kitchen showrooms
To prevent you from losing track and/or getting it just right, we’d like to help you. Our showrooms are therefore set up in such a way that we can show you all the possibilities. In the showroom in Wanssum we can mainly show you in detail all the different materials and arrangements. Our showroom in Malden actually gives a good impression of the overall picture of the kitchen in combination with the floors, wall decoration, furniture, fireplace etc.

Unfortunately, due to current measures, our showrooms are currently still closed for customer visits. However, we can now digitally inspire you and take you through our showrooms. Because fortunately, the possibilities are endless even digitally these days. As soon as the situation allows, we would like to invite you to our showroom(s). Because you only get the real, authentic experience when you can see and feel the materials, colors and possibilities together.

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