Enjoy the great convenience of XL tiles from Jabostone

Enjoy the great convenience of XL tiles from Jabostone

The XL tile is an asset to any interior. It is a format that requires significantly fewer wall or floor tiles to fill a larger area. This has the added benefit of making it look perfectly finished as a whole immediately.

As the name suggests, XL tiles are of quite a size. At Jabostone, we speak of an XL tile when one of the sides is past 90 centimeters, where it can go as high as 260 centimeters. They are hefty placards that need to be handled with care, but then they give a luxurious and spacious look when they have found their place.

Less joints, more sleek XL tile!
It may go without saying, but the larger the tiles, the fewer tiles are needed for an area and therefore fewer tile joints are needed. Normally, tile joints are conducive to the stress distribution of a wall or floor job, but XL tiles can be bonded elastically to accommodate possible construction movements. Adhesive consumption is not higher compared to regular-sized tiles. Indeed, the average consumption of grout will be a lot less. However, it is advisable to tackle each tile with at least two people, regardless of whether it is being moved or placed.

The applications of XL tiles are endless
With XL tiles from Jabostone, you really can go in any direction, from bathroom to kitchen or even toilet. They come into their own especially in damp rooms, as they thus require fewer joints. Where fewer joints are needed, there is less risk of leaks or water seepage. Add to this the ease of use, robustness and wear resistance of this ceramic product and it goes without saying that the XL tile can be named a success.

The convenience of XL ceramic tiles
To ensure that XL tiles are of the best quality, each one is made of ceramic. This makes them extra durable, weather resistant as well as moisture and dirt resistant. In other words; they are very easy to clean and keep clean. They also come in a variety of looks, including marble look or other natural stone tile imitations. Natural stone tiles are naturally too fragile for this format. Thanks to ceramic XL tiles, this provides a very good alternative to natural stone tiles. And so there are many more benefits to be listed of XL tiles from Jabostone.

Of course, at Jabostone you have come to the right place for a wide range changing in XL tiles in terms of color, material, size and shape. If you would also like to experience how XL tiles can enhance the enjoyment of your projects, send an email to info@jabostone.nl.

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