Enjoy the outdoors in winter with a luxurious, glass garden room

Enjoy the outdoors in winter with a luxurious, glass garden room

In recent years, outdoor living has gained a lot of popularity. From awnings we went to canopies, and in recent years we have seen more and more canopies transformed into luxury garden rooms. And for good reason. In this blog, we explain why a garden room is the place to enjoy 12 months of the year and what makes a garden room truly comfortable.

What is a garden room?
By the term “garden room” (or outdoor room) we mean a non-insulated, enclosed room, outdoors. The basis of the garden room is a canopy with fixed glass roof. As it is expanded with flexible glass or slatted walls all around, it creates a comfortable garden room.

The comfort of a garden room
A garden room is an extremely comfortable place. Due to the extensive use of glass, the garden room heats up easily in winter; without a stuffy, centrally fired atmosphere. That means you can still enjoy comfortable outdoor living even in December.

But the real power of a garden room is in its flexibility. Is it a hot summer day? Then you simply open the glass walls and at the touch of a button the electric blinds close. Is the evening falling? The remote control easily activates the atmospheric LED spots, which are subtly integrated into the ceiling.

In this way, you can perfectly personalize your garden room to the moment. Whether it’s a cold winter day or a warm summer evening. With the flexible options, put all the elements to your liking. Enjoy!

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