Enjoy your garden longer with heated cushions in your lounge furniture

Enjoy your garden longer with heated cushions in your lounge furniture

In the evenings it often cools off, but how wonderful it is when you can still sit outside nice and warm. With Design2Chill’s custom-made heated seat and back cushions, you can enjoy your garden or patio to the fullest.

Low energy consumption
The heated pillows are made so that they give off heat only when you sit on them. This way you insulate the heat and the energy is no longer lost to the outside air. In addition to saving energy, it also provides greater comfort. You instantly feel the warmth on your buttocks and back, eliminating the cold when it’s cooler outside.

Easy to operate
The heat elements of the cushions are concealed so that you do not see them. An easy control system allows you to regulate the temperature. As soon as you get up, the pillow automatically stops heating and you can leave carefree. You can heat the temperature of the pillows up to 30 degrees.

From sofa to boat and decorative cushions
It is possible to implement this heater in all cushions. For example, you can choose to heat your entire couch or just the decorative cushions on your couch. It is even possible to incorporate these elements into boat cushions so that at night, when you are still bobbing on the water, you are never cold again.

About Design2Chill
Design2Chill has been a trendsetter in all-weather outdoor and indoor lounge furniture for 17 years. They offer a wide collection of trendy designer sofas equipped with a unique concept and durable features. In recent years, much attention has been paid to the development and production process. As a result, the furniture is optimized in terms of durability and seating comfort. Design2Chill stands for exclusive design and providing customized solutions.

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