Every garden a personal story

Every garden a personal story

“From clients and editors of platforms, blogs and magazines, we are often asked what the current trends in gardening are. We always reply that we don’t look at trends.” In the blog below, owner Martijn Poortvliet explains why his company DON Hoveniers does not do that ánd makes it clear how a cooperation with DON Hoveniers works.

Martijn: “As a quality company with years of experience – the company started in 1975 – we naturally know what is going on in the market and what materials, products and possibilities are new. But the dreams and wishes of the clients are and always will be the most important ingredients to achieve a top-notch design. Of course, in combination with the budget and the possibilities the place offers us. Thus, each garden tells the client’s personal story. And of course we apply new and trendy materials in our gardens, but that is because they fit the requirements, they fit the place and they enhance the overall picture.

The start of the intensive and often years-long collaboration with clients – after design and construction, maintenance often follows – takes place in our showroom as well as in our brand new show garden. In the inspiring showroom, we display various materials and options that we can show directly during orientation meetings. From garden lighting to outdoor ceramics and gravel to wooden decking. The lounge sofa and outdoor kitchen complete the atmospheric overall picture. In the show garden, we demonstrate our strength and the many possibilities in practice. That often works even better than showing photos from our rich portfolio.

During the introductory meeting, we discuss in detail all the requirements of our clients. Together, we fill out a checklist and discuss options so that all important aspects are included in the sketch design. We also always recommend creating a Pinterest message board with inspiration photos. This allows our architects to get a good idea of the ideal garden for the clients.

Following the intake interview, one of our landscapers will get to work creating a sketch design. The sketch design is a perfect blend of the landscaper’s wishes and creativity. The surprising and high-quality design is presented in our showroom. If there are any adjustments during the conversation, they will be made in the final garden design.

Once the quote is approved, we start the realization of the dream garden and our clients are completely unburdened. We act as the general contractor and ensure that all processes related to the construction of the garden run smoothly. We are a landscaping company with extensive experience in landscaping. Garden construction at DON Gardeners is always in the hands of regular crews, who build new gardens or renovate existing ones. In this way, clients are assured of specialists with expertise. Of course, the best moment of the collaboration is the completion and the moment when the clients can really start enjoying their dream garden. That is and remains a special moment for us after all these years. Realizing garden dreams down to the smallest detail.”

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