Exclusive blog by Leonie Hendrikse from Stock Dutch Design

Exclusive blog by Leonie Hendrikse from Stock Dutch Design

“A gift is really a gift when it contains a bit of inspiration from yourself”

Exclusive to HOOG.design, Jeroen and Leonie Hendrikse from Stock Dutch Design take turns writing a few inspiring blogs about their great passion: designing and realizing personal dream interiors. Leonie starts the rush and we would like to introduce her to you first.

Sometimes you have those moments when you meet someone where passion & talent come together. At Leonie her heart is connected to her talent. In her own words, her love for creating was born with her. Where “just like” throwing away historical elements or accessories was out of the question. According to her, “Home” is about writing new memories together, building on the stories that may exist. Hospitality is about feeling and empathy for the other. Leonie dares to combine bold patterns and colors in her designs, whereby the look can be contemporary and at the same time timeless. A place for the symbols from the past. A thoughtful place and corner for every inhabitant of the house!

Leonie: “Craftsmanship and love for sophistication and respect for the stories of the past come together. When you intertwine these words in the interior, we talk about that old grandfather’s armchair, those crystal bowls and the classic lamp base of that eccentric great-aunt. Placing these items in the present creates a whole new synergy. A warm feeling with a rich history, with a modern twist.

That old desk, painted in a not so nice type of wood, daring to spray in a bold color, makes an interior “its own”. A kind of pop art creation that you have created yourself, how cool is that! Everyone has items, heirlooms that are too ugly for words and are somewhere upstairs in the attic, because you can’t say goodbye to them anyway. From the symbolism they represent for you. It is sometimes difficult to imagine, but look at the turquoise desk of my deceased father. The beauty of this transition is when our children sit at this desk. Then I still think: hopefully my father looks down with a proud smile. Add another thick glass top and it is the bomb! Nothing outdated, just “own”. And with a bit of guts. Another example is to put all the photos of loved ones together in a cupboard. In this way you do not have to dust everything off and be reminded of the past, but you do create a kind of altar so as not to forget where you come from.

The high-gloss spraying of the antique cupboard was a bridge too far, but upholstering the back with bright yellow Moiré fabric and lacquering the shelves deep purple had happened in one weekend. Searching the creativity for an item that makes your heart beat faster, that adds value to your interior. ”

* Stock Dutch Design was established in 2005 and is located in the beautiful building in Huis Barnaart in Haarlem. Stock offers integral interior design concepts and is characterized by future-proof designs, bold patterns and colors and embracing legacies in the current spirit of the times. At Stock, every design starts with a thorough analysis of the lifestyle of the residents of the project. Always colorful, surprising and yet timeless. With love for the old craft & history, combined with a healthy Dutch pragmatism and a no-nonsense approach. With the result: Writing new, enchanting memories together.

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