Exclusive creations with large format tiles

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Interior designers and designers have known it for a long time. Applying large format tiles is the way to finish walls, floors and objects. FORS masters and realizes exclusive customization with this beautiful, tranquil and luxurious surface.

That sounds fun. And it is. The footage of the completed project surprised many. The possibilities often go beyond the performance. But in addition to the beautiful pictures, there are many more benefits to mention. Especially for the professionals involved. This also surprises many.

The beginning, the material. We have few limitations in choice. Our operators cut ceramics, natural stone and composite to size with precision on their own water jets. This makes working with a tight mitre, for example, trouble-free. An oft-repeated wish.

The “nesting in” of large format tiles is now standard for us. A great added value. The carefully selected material can extend optically “around the corner,” a beautiful effect. Consider a vein that runs naturally.

The applications are unprecedented because of this method and material. We are regularly surprised with the final application of the material we customize. Bathrooms, kitchens, tabletops, columns, pool elements, steam showers and more.

On to assembly, where it happens, where efficiency (by) counts. Dust-free work is the starting point for FORS. That which we bring fits. Of course, application requires craftsmanship, no doubt. But the order and what should go where is predetermined. After digital surveying, our in-house draftsmen fully draw the project. This allows for optimal layout of the material, the best transitions and the most beautiful dressings; the cutting plan for our water jets

Reduced failure costs and less chance of breakage is an automatic result if handled carefully. And let’s not forget logistics operations. We will only lug materials that are needed and we won’t take anything back. That is also efficiency.

The advantages of applying large format tiles summarized ;

  • The best possible result
  • Insane creations possible
  • Divergent applications
  • Efficiency at its best
  • FORS is there and can do everything itself, including for and with third parties.

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