Exclusive poured floor bathroom

Exclusive poured floor bathroom

A cast floor in the bathroom. Beautiful, stylish and a sense of luxury. In addition, a cast floor in the bathroom has many advantages. Daacha distinguishes itself as a specialist in exclusive cast floors through the use of high-quality products, years of experience and professionals within the company. Also for the bathroom.

Advantages cast floor bathroom

“The benefits of a cast floor in the bathroom, if done by a quality company, are clear. Because cast floors are seamless, you have no joints where dirt can get in. In addition, if installed perfectly, cast floors fit seamlessly to the walls. So there is no sealant involved at the floor level, which also means no dirt can get in here or require maintenance. So for hygiene reasons, cast floors are perfect for bathrooms. “Our quality floors also provide good anti-slip and offer comfort,” lists Frank Burger, owner of specialist Daacha. He continues: “Nowadays you see more and more drains in walk-in showers. To achieve a perfect connection to this drain with tiles is often a problem. When we install a cast floor in the walk-in shower, we guarantee that the finish is perfect and that it will never leak.”

Luxury wall finish bathroom

“In addition to cast floors, Daacha also realizes wall panels for the wet areas of the home. We treat these panels in our workshop with the same material as the floor. We then place these custom panels against the wall and then pour the floor in the bathroom or shower. Of course, this too fits together seamlessly, so there is no need to use sealant with this solution either. We can also use this technique in the alcoves where, for example, shower fixtures are placed. With these high-quality wall finishes, you can choose from a variety of designs at Daacha and even 3D effects are possible. This creates tremendously cool effects in your bathroom or other wet areas such as areas around a swimming pool.”

Distinctive cast floors

Daacha operates in the high to very high end. Many homes and villas feature beautiful cast floors from the exclusive company. “For Daacha, there is only one way of working and that is to go for the very best materials and craftsmen,” Frank Burger, who has worked in this industry for more than 20 years, makes clear. “With our knowledge and experience and very good guidance from the same person to whom the customer has placed their trust, we set ourselves apart from other companies in this industry.”

In addition, the close cooperation between Daacha and major parties such as Stonhard and Liquid Elements in the area of products and product development means that Daacha’s skilled employees can only work with the best available products. “That’s why we can realize cast floors that do not discolor over the years, remain soft and thus remain comfortable to live on, are scratch resistant and provide an acoustic contribution in the home. So that also applies to our cast floors in the bathroom.”

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