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Fine Oak stands for exclusive and authentic craftsmanship

Fine Oak stands for exclusive and authentic craftsmanship

Fine Oak is proud to call itself a master at making and installing oak outbuildings. Hans, the owner, is an authority in oak knowledge, general knowledge of the business and in installing large, heavy oak structures. We differ from other colleagues by how we work.

  • We always make original mortise and tenon joints in the oak. No unsightly screws in sight. This gives the whole thing an authentic look.
  • We prepare our projects as far as possible in the workshop so that there is as little work and inconvenience to the customer on site as possible. This is a prefabricated system which is incredibly convenient for all parties.
  • We have the drawing work in-house. We design the drawings ourselves in 3D using a professional construction drawing program. This is a program where we can also print out construction drawings step by step for production.
  • We use exclusive materials, e.g. old beams, round wood/trunks, old slates for the roof etc. We also often use steel frames with traditional chair profile for a luxurious look with maximum light and slim profiles.
  • We work with our own, reliable and pleasant staff.
  • We work with unique designs. In collaboration with the client's wishes, we design a unique project, of which only 1 exists. This makes it unique, personal and exclusive. Many different shapes, wishes and styles are possible. Rural style is often chosen, but rural construction with a nod to a modern building is also a choice, through the use of various materials.
  • We produce almost everything ourselves. From window frames and doors to solid oak furniture. This keeps the lines and delivery time short and manageable.

Have you become curious? Please feel free to contact us for options.

View Fine Oak's projects here

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