Fine sitting in the garden

Fine sitting in the garden

It is important to have a nice garden at your villa where you can relax, recreate and have fun with your friends. With these tips, you can create a nice garden in which that is possible. However, keep in mind the cost and size of your garden so that it does not become too crowded or expensive. We will compare different types of gardens.

Garden Furniture
It is highly recommended to buy garden furniture when you are shopping around online. For example, you can buy a lounge set to relax in the garden, but a comfortable garden chair with cushions is also a good option. A garden table can be placed in the middle so you can have lunch outside. There are also other furnishings such as a cabinet (for the television), an outdoor shower and a refrigerator. You can buy different Garden Furniture, but make sure everything fits together well and that it doesn’t get too crowded.

Creating more atmosphere
You can also create atmosphere in your garden by installing a patio cover, using (floating) umbrellas and laying beautiful pavement. A patio canopy allows you to install a heater, fireplace or a place for a fire pit, for example. In addition, you can incorporate cooking facilities with your seating and relaxation area. Outdoor kitchens are available; in addition to barbecues, there are grills and smokers. With (floating) umbrellas, it is also nice to have a nice lounge area. Garden sets are recommended then, because they make your lounge set or seating area more beautiful. And don’t forget the outdoor lighting. Make sure the lighting is waterproof (resistant to rain), has a high IP rating (resistant to moisture and dirt), is energy efficient and produces efficient light (LED bulbs are especially suitable here, think 300-500 lumens). You can choose from floor lamps, wall lamps, ground spots, booster spots, spotlights or single lights. For a luxurious atmosphere, for example, you can shine ground spots against beautiful plants or artwork.

Different types of gardens
There are several styles you can use for your garden. Consider a soothing wellness garden, a nature garden, a woodland garden, a water garden, a Japanese garden, a pond garden, a wild garden, a beach garden, a small garden, an eco garden, an animal-friendly garden or an English garden. Each garden style involves not only different trees or plants, but also different paving, garden furniture and other elements and decorations. You can choose lots of color or a black/white/gray pattern. It is important to look at the whole. In modern gardens, for example, you will see a lot of wood and choose low-maintenance and sustainable options, such as artificial grass. In a wellness garden, there is often an outdoor shower, lots of privacy and the use of natural materials such as wood and smooth tiles. Plants such as lavender are also commonly used. In an English garden, the emphasis is on flowers, with pleasant pathways where there is an occasional bench. What will your dream garden look like?

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