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Flowing motion; trend in steel doors

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Interior Elements’ basic collection stands and can be admired as the foundation of many residential projects in and around the Netherlands. Thanks to the timelessness of the designs, they fit into any interior. But, Interior Elements is not sitting still. The latest (home) trends are closely watched and the changing world remains a source of inspiration. Therefore, the translation of the latest trends and developments into our fundamental collection never stands still.

Research and design team
The creative and technical research & design team at Interior Elements sees the entry of more soft and organic shapes into our interiors. After a period of Scandinavian and industrial influences, there is now room for innovation; round and soft. We did not yet see this in the supply of steel doors in the Netherlands. Interior Elements does not wait but likes to be at the forefront of this.

New forms
A new interplay of lines, playing with light and form, was drawn. Organic forms incorporated into steel doors or walls. We developed special tubes for the arches that blend seamlessly. The same goes for the design within the frame. The materials and technology make it state-of-the-art. The look makes it classic, soft and human. We proudly share that we are one of the first in the Netherlands to offer these elements. So for something progressive yet in perfect balance with the rest of the interior, Interior Elements is the right choice.

The first few arched doors have since been installed and the reactions nothing but rave. Not only from the clients themselves, but also from those around them. With this collection, we offer even more space for the customer to express themselves. Not only in the shapes but also the materials. For more information, visit our website and get inspired by the Arctia, Lia and Freya from our collection. Or join us for a completely custom design with organic and updated shapes.

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