FOCUS gives a new perspective on fire

FOCUS gives a new perspective on fire

With the ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK®, Focus continues to revolutionize fire. This model, the first in a new series, breaks new ground with a stunningly realistic holographic fire that unites sensory pleasure, technological innovation and the timeless style of FOCUS fireplaces.

The ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK®, 100% Made in France like all FOCUS fireplaces, features technology so unique that its groundbreaking innovations have been patented.

A new experience of fire
Fire is a basic human element that still plays a central role in our modern lives. To prove it, just watch the success of the captivatingly addictive videos of burning fireplaces available on YouTube and Netflix!

A fireplace creates a cozy space with an almost magnetic appeal and brings people together. For more than 50 years, Focus has been breaking the conventions of traditional wood fires. Now it ushers in a new era with the virtual fire. An electric fire with a pioneering holographic system, coupled with realistic ceramic logs to create a 3D effect of unprecedented realism. A fireplace uniquely adapted to today’s world and living spaces. The ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK®, the first FOCUS model with this technology, features a fireplace that can rotate 80¬∞ so you can enjoy the fire from every angle.

Whether in a home or a luxury hotel, this groundbreaking fuel-free fireplace can be installed anywhere and is operated at the simple touch of a button. Only an electrical supply is needed and the flue is decorative only. Thus, there are no restrictions to connect the fireplace. The flue can be adapted to all ceiling heights. All these aspects make the ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK® suitable for any interior, even in apartments.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

The ease of use is specifically designed for contract and retail environments: just a simple on/off switch on the device. No adjustments are needed. No complicated operating instructions, no need to use the remote control after the initial setup, no application that would make it difficult to use. The ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK® so successfully combines easy installation and simple operation that it is the perfect fireplace for public areas with strict safety standards such as hotels, restaurants and stores.

An eco-friendly fireplace
Protecting the environment is a major concern for all of us. Regulations are becoming more numerous and stringent. The traditional hearth sector is no exception. Around the world, standards are increasingly limiting the use of wood and fossil fuels. At the same time, new and renovated buildings are becoming more energy efficient, reducing the need for heating. In this context, the HOLOGRAPHIK® fireplace is the environmentally friendly answer for those who want to enjoy fire without any emissions.

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Practical information

  • ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK® is available in black or white
  • Material 3 mm steel
  • Length of the flue can be adjusted according to the
  • ceiling height
  • Connection via a simple power outlet
  • Power button
  • Power supply 220V
  • Power consumption 26W
  • No fuel required and no emissions
  • Optional heated flue (available late 2022)
  • Fireplace 80¬∞ rotatable
  • 3D fire effect through holographic screen
  • Sound of crackling fireplace

Focus, an international design legend
For more than 50 years, FOCUS has set the standard worldwide. FOCUS was the first to move the fireplace from the wall to the center of the room. With the stunning iconic Gyrofocus fireplace, FOCUS is certainly a legend in the international design world. More than fireplaces, FOCUS creates surprises and experiences.

FOCUS has a highly committed team of about 120 employees spread across two locations. Anchored in the region, between the Cevennes and Provence, FOCUS is proud of its Made in France label. The rules of the game change, but FOCUS remains creative, authentic and innovative. Both technically and in design, FOCUS sets new standards every time.

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