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François Hannes creates interiors with a soul

François Hannes creates interiors with a soul

François Hannes is a well-known name in the world of high-end interiors and is known for his personal and thoughtful approach. It is not without reason that more and more high-end clients are choosing his creative ideas that not only give spaces a luxurious look but are also atmospheric and balanced. He has architectural insight AND he always thoroughly researches the needs of the clients: how do they live and how do they relax, what do they like etc., in order to arrive at the soul of the project. With a combination of shapes, rich materials, color and light, he then mixes the right cocktail for a result the client could only dream of.

Since François now has a great deal of experience in his field and knows very well what is available on the market, he chooses to work only with the best brands: high-quality furniture, fabrics, lighting, kitchens and bathroom plumbing. That the faucets, showers and accessories from Danish company VOLA are also among 1 of his favorites is not surprising. The Scandinavian brand already fits François' high standards very well with its high quality and sustainable method of production, but the stylish design, the infinite application possibilities and the possibility to choose all items also in exclusive colors such as brushed gold, copper and gunmetal makes that there is enough choice for each of his projects.

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